Champaign Thursday

Yesterday was Jazzy’s 16th birthday (her Champaign birthday). I wrote her a note telling her how proud I am of her, and I cooked her bacon, eggs and toast for breakfast. I had to prompt her for a hug after all that. The evening was a different story however. I left a package in her room, and when she opened it, I got the biggest hug in the world.

The package contained a manual for her to study for her G1 Driver’s Exam, and a bottle of champaign. She’s having friends over this weekend, and I figure they can all polish it off together.

I struggled through my day yesterday. Just couldn’t get myself in gear. Too much Facebook. Too much surfing for websites. I felt awful about myself.

I promised myself that today would be a better day. The Writers’ Group is getting together at Beaches Library today at 2pm. Before then, I will be making some phone calls for the sitcom. Maybe even get some laundry done. And a bit of cleaning.

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