Template for my Day

I’m out here on the balcony, wearing two bunny hugs and sipping my coffee-chocolate. This day is starting out full of compromise.

The sun hasn’t come around to this side of the house yet, so it’s a bit chilly in the morning shade, but I refuse to sit inside after a whole winter of sitting inside. The other compromise involves my morning coffee. Ran out this morning. I put three half-scoops of grounds in the coffee maker, but wasn’t sure it would come out tasting like coffee. To this end, I added some hot chocolate to my cup, and the results are impressive.

On Monday, I launched the TCR Writers’ Group – an extension of the Toronto Cold Reads Series. The goal is to facilitate the development of new scripts, and do this in three ways;

1. WRITERS ROOM – Meet as frequently as possible, in various venues & living rooms around the city, to simply sit in a room together, and force each other to write.

2. NOTES – Members of the group may submit their work to each other for notes. We may even organize a formal ‘Notes Night’ where 2-3 scripts can be discussed.

3. WORKSHOP – When the group feels like a writer’s work is ready, we will recommend it for a reading by professional actors, as part of the Toronto Cold Reads Series’ regular Sunday events.

The response thus far has been positive. The group has 40 members already on Facebook, and our first get-together is this afternoon at the Toronto Reference Library.

I set a goal to have the first draft of my spec script vomited out by Sunday. I’m already having my doubts about meeting the goal. It’ll be 5 Acts + a Teaser. I’m following a template I gleaned from breaking down four episodes last month. Thus far, the templates are proving to be fairly plug & play.

I have a handle on most of my story line, and the the sub-plots derived there of. I know how frequently the characters appear, who they appear with, and for how long they should be together. I’ve been slotting in the Act breaks first, then figuring out how to connect those breaks later. This process feels more like a puzzle to solve, rather than a story to write. I’m right now half way through Act IV in my outline, and realized I have a bit more research to do before I can wrap everything up in Act V.

To this end, I’ve downloaded a 28 page report on the Iran-Contra Affair. I remember hearing about it on TV when I was a kid, but now that I’m going through it with a fine tooth comb, it’s making for great fodder for my spec script. I’m excited to see how this story will turn out.


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