Cold Coffee Kinda Day

I unplugged all the electric heaters in the apartment yesterday because they hadn’t been switched on in a couple months. I put my winter scarf and gloves away too. What followed was one of the coldest days to descend upon Toronto in at least a couple months. I wound up plugging one of the heaters back in again.

My feet were cold, just walking around the apartment. I thought about Grama at this moment. I wanted her to knit me some slippers. Then she called, and I told her as much. She said she’ll do it, but I suspect they won’t arrive in time for me to enjoy them during this cold snap.

I just sipped my coffee. It’s now cold too. The weather outside my window is cold and rainy, and grey. Cold all around.

I’m supposed to get together with Dave tonight. He has some wood from his back yard that he wants me to hall away for my fire barrel. We’ll take the opportunity to drink a couple beers and discuss shop. His production company is looking for Christmas movie scripts, and he remembered that I have a pitch (from a previous occasion when we drank pints together).

Today will see me spending more time on the Rider sitcom, more research for my spec script, and more time refining a Christmas movie spec. Here’s to a good day.

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