Day-Dreaming of LA

Jazzy and I spent the evening watching Charlie Chaplin movies last night. She has to profile a director for her media studies class, and she chose Chaplin because they were both born on April 16.

She also made boiled wheat for the first time.

I never did get out of the house yesterday. Spent some of my hours working on the Riderville sitcom and then not much of anything after that. Facebook. On line newspapers. Random distractions. I need to come up with a better strategy for how to avoid those pitfalls. At least I’m not alone with these types of struggles. It’s a common problem among anyone (especially creative types) who work from home.

I read that last bit online while procrastinating.

I did manage to send Machiavelli & Tymes off to LA. Both of my contacts responded, saying they received the script, and will be passing along their thoughts soon.

LA. I admit to indulging in mini-fantacies about M&T taking off and doing great things for me. I mean, it’s entirely possible, provided the readers out there think the script is as great as some of the other feedback I’ve been getting on it.

Still, it’s best not to dwell too much on hypothetical futures. The present is now, and I got shit to do. So I guess I’ll get to it.

Starting now. Right after I check Facebook.

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