Smelling the Hamburgers

Less than a week to go, and the fast Jazzy and I have been on, will be over. Hello meat! Hello dairy! Hello vegan bean & lentil soup that I’ve been cooking (but now with added beef)! Hello bbq on our balcony, we missed you!

I didn’t find the fast to be as difficult this year, as I have with years’ past. We have been eating a lot of fish (fish is a vegetable). Mostly, I’ve just been really occupied with other endeavours, so I didn’t spend a lot of time sitting around thinking about hamburgers.

Mmmmm. Hamburgers.

Orthodox Easter is Sunday. I’m thinking we might find a Romanian church here in the city, so we can take in the midnight service. There are two if I remember correctly. Guess I’ll spend some time researching which one would be best for us. Maybe we can crash someone’s table for the meal afterwards (and make some friends in the process).

Jazzy’s been spending a lot of time at home lately. This led to me helping her with her homework on a number of occasions. We also made a bean & lentil soup together on Sunday. She’s going to be 16 next week, and she still has a place for me in her life.

Spring is sputtering to life here in Toronto. The snow is mostly all gone (though it’s putting up a fight), and the temperature is almost warm enough to walk outside without a coat. I have a bunch of phone calls to make today, but after that I’m thinking I could pack up my work and head out to the library on Queen Street East.

Alright. Time to wrap this up and get on with my day. Have a gooder!

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