Getting Around to Coming Back

Photo on 2015-01-05 at 4.56 PM #2I don’t usually come up with a title to an article until after I’ve written the article. Too much pressure to conform to the authoritarian presence of a headline. Fuck that shit. I write whatever it is that’s on my mine, and then I figure out what to call it.

If I had a title prepared for this article, it might look something like a question mark. I really have no idea what words are going to spill out of my fingertips next.

I can start by saying that a lot has happened over the three weeks I’ve been home for the Christmas break – a good chunk of it work related. The radio sitcom now has a whole Kickstarter page ready for launch. It will remain offline until a few more ‘i’s are dotted and ‘t’s crossed. A number of third parties need to contribute their blessing before we can launch.

To this end, I’ve met for the second time with two of those third parties. A third meeting is in the works tomorrow. Coffee with Rob Vanstone of the LeaderPost is also happening tomorrow.

Things haven’t unfolded exactly as expected. The closer I get to a firm commitment, the more open minded I’m going to have to be, in order to accommodate everyone’s input. I think partially, that’s why I’m writing right now. Got to sort through all the sentiments expressed today, and find a place to stack ’em.

[Jarrett looks up from his corner of the coffee shop to see a familiar face]

Alright. So maybe this is an omen. The executive director of the Saskatchewan Motion Picture Association just walked in with her son. In a previous meeting today, I was advised to sit down with SMPIA to discuss the special needs of my project. We chatted briefly and she wants to help.

Beyond career stuff, I feel like my headspace has benefitted from spending so much time around loved ones. I landed in Regina, feeling like I was searching for something. I will be leaving on Wednesday, feeling like I found it. Still can’t describe what it is, but perhaps that’s just it. To be able to form words around that mysterious thing, would be to snuff out the epiphany of its nature.

I drove out to the farm on Saturday. Took in that endless Saskatchewan sky, so big and vast, I couldn’t help but make room for all the thoughts I thunk along the string of highway markers. Yoga for the mind. The best kind.

Mike and I drank beer and looked through old photo albums. We made a few more memories and took nothing for granted. When I left on Sunday night, it was no big deal. I filled up on what I needed from the place. Someday soon, I’ll be back.

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