The Case of the Thursday Morning Snows

The snow came overnight. All at once. And it’s still coming. Kinda feels like December out there.

The other thing that makes it feel like December is Christmas Parties. Louise invited me to hers last night at Joy Bistro on Queen Street East. She’s an agent who represents actors, so there were a lot of those types at the party. I ran into two who wouldn’t shut up about Coronation Street. They’re talking about doing a podcast. The open bar and colourful gathering made for a fun night. I even managed to make a few new connections.

I’m finding myself in a bit of a purgatory these days. Jazz and I leave for Regina on Tuesday, so I haven’t really been pounding the pavement, looking for daily work. By the time they need me, I’ll be gone. There are a few shows crewing up in the new year. I’ll be visiting their production offices today, looking to get a meeting. I’m also keeping busy writing pitches for a couple of different (potential) clients.

I began Act IV of Machiavelli & Tymes last week. I still have a major caper to figure out, but it’s only a couple scenes long, so nothing too epic. It would be pretty super duper alright if I could find some time today to get that done. I have a meeting with Shaftesbury on Monday, so wish me luck.

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