My Day Will Go On

TitanicI spent the last twenty minutes or so, sitting with a coffee in my hand, just staring out the window. Musta been months since I last did that, and it really is negligent of me to have let the routine lapse for so long. Those quiet few minutes in the morning, with nothing but me, my thoughts, and the day’s beckonings, put me in a proper frame of mind to tackle what awaits.

Last night was pretty special too. I spent several hours on the couch, teaching Jazz Photoshop and After Effects, so she could complete a school project for her Media Studies class. The above photo is a poster she designed for a fake Coke campaign. I actually laughed out loud when I first saw it.

I love teaching Jazzy new things. Makes me feel like I’m at my Dadish bestiness. She’ll be getting her G1 in April, and I look forward to teaching her how to drive.

Today I’ll be heading downtown to work on a couple of projects. I’ve decided that working from home is incredibly, incredibly wearing on my headspace. I’m working on a pitch with Nimble Content, a division of Holiday Films, and since the relationship has been established, I asked if I could come in today, find an empty workspace, and finish up some personal projects while drinking their coffee.

Perhaps this could even be the beginning of some sort of routine – rotating through the offices of different companies I’ve reached out to. I stay visible, I feel less inclined to waste time on the internet, and I get stuff done. The ultimate networking.

So that’s the day ahead. Let’s see what comes of it.

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