When Inspiration Strikes at the Wrong Time

Yesterday felt like a pretty good day. Act II of Machiavelli & Tymes is complete. The scene I wrote was one I’d been looking forward to penning for a long time, and I finally got my chance to breathe life into it. It was inspired by a couple of conversations I had with Jazzy a few months ago, so I guess there was a bit of a personal attachment to it as well.

Upon completion, I was immediately struck with the notion that I need to rethink my plan for Act III. As it stands right now, it’s rather epic, full of action. It feels more like I should be building towards a sequence like that, rather than jumping right in, only to taper off, then build to something similar for Act IV, all over again. Lumpy structure.

I think that by rejiggering my structure to crescendo into an epic action sequence for Act IV, the action itself will take on more meaning. The stakes will feel higher. And then with the surprise twist at the end, will pay off better.

So all I have to do, is give the whole thing a good long think – which I am – which is problematic at the moment because I’m supposed to be thinking about my short for the Toronto Cold Reads Series. Every time I set about to developing that story idea, Machiavelli & Tymes creeps in. I want to drop everything and start noodling with Act III. I really do. Completely inspired – which is an incredibly hard stage to get to as a writer – and one that should not easily be dismissed.

But I have to. I need to deliver a different script in 5 days. And as inspired as I am by M&T, this new script feels like a lot of work. I think about it, and I like the idea, but there’s a big piece of it that I just can’t figure out – and so I’m left with pushing this idea uphill, hoping inspiration will strike soon.

And I’m pushing.

And pushing.

And the only good ideas bubbling up to the surface, are ones for M&T.

So today will be about packing a lunch, and drilling into this new idea in a workmanlike fashion. Methinks I’ll just have to start with two characters, who have two strong objectives, and a single problem to overcome, with other people getting in their way.

Let’s see what comes of it.

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