An Itemized List of Vocational & Non-Vocational Commitments – Including a Date With a Razor

And suddenly I’m so busy, I can’t keep my thoughts straight. Please allow me the space for a bit of mental inventory.

1. I spent the past week shooting a project for a client. It’s quietly become the biggest client-based job I’ve taken in Toronto, in terms of workload. I’m looking at several days of editing ahead of me. Methinks a date with a coffee shop will be in my immediate future.

2. I have a sponsorship commitment to the Chocolate Ball to attend to. A few hours in the evening should be sufficient to complete that task. I’m thinking this evening would work best.

3. I have a writing commitment to the Toronto Cold Reads series. I’ve been asked to write a ten page script for a special event they’re having next Sunday. That gives me 8 days to put something together. I have the idea, but the details remain vague.

4. I made a commitment to myself, to finish Act II of Machiavelli & Tymes. I have one scene left. Might as well put that on today’s slate.

5. On Wednesday I’m working as a Daily on Reign. I’m looking forward to that because the 1st AD is Felix Gray, who was my first boss when I started working on sets in Regina, at the beginning of my career.

6. I just got off the phone with Mom. Everyone will be in Windsor on Sunday night for Thanksgiving. I’ll save the circumstances for another article.

7. I have meetings on Tuesday – which meets completing the prep for those meetings sometime this weekend.

8. My head hurts. I drank too much beer at the Argos’ thrilling 34-33 win over the Ti-Cats last night at Rogers Centre.

9. My face is itchy. I haven’t shaved in over a week. I think I have a date with a razor, prior to my date with a coffee shop today.

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