A Sunny Disposition From Yorkville

It’s a warm sunny Friday in Toronto at the moment. I’m sitting in a Starbucks in Yorkville. I found out my meeting this morning was cancelled, after I arrived, but I didn’t mind so much. What’s better than getting out of the house, drinking coffee, tapping in my blog, and watching people come and go?

On Wednesday I worked 17.5 hours on the set of Lost Girl. It was the final day of production for the series’ finale. Tears. Speeches. Gifts. Booze. Weariness. I felt lucky to be there, even though I was more of an interloper and everyone else was part of a family, five years in the making. I did manage to make friends with Karen, their continuity person. She was gifted a ‘Lost Girl’ canvas backpack that she had no use for. When I mentioned Jazzy’s love of the series, Karen gave me the backpack to give to her. I was shocked, but Karen insisted.

I was tired when I got home. My head hit the pillow at 5am, and I had meetings scheduled the next day, starting at 11am.

I heard Jazzy stirring around 8:30am and jumped out of bed. She gave me the biggest hug in the world when I showed her the backpack. It was such an incredible pleasure to see the joy in her eyes at having such a rare treasure. Perhaps that exchange fuelled me throughout the rest of the day, because I functioned rather well on three hours sleep.

My first meeting went swimmingly. Another commercial production company expressed a desire to work with me on their low budget projects. They liked my producing/PMing/ADing experience. They felt they needed someone who could wear a lot of hats.

My second meeting at 12:15 in Liberty Village also went well. I was given some great advice on the commercial industry. This may also lead to more work down the road. The guy even paid for my coffee & muffin afterwards.

In other news, I’m about four pages into Act II of Machiavelli & Tymes. I have a road map for where the story is going, but there’s enough wiggle room there for my characters to take that map, and figure out for themselves how they’ll complete the journey. They keep surprising me with what they come up with – which sounds crazy, but smells like something that will hold up under the scrutiny of my writers group. My goal is to finish Act II by Sunday night.

So that’s what I’ve been up to. Time to get on with my day.

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