Thoughts of Revisiting FireFly Prior to Doing the Dishes

I’m sitting on my balcony with a coffee at my side. It’s sunny and warm enough to get by with a hoodie. Dishes are on my radar, and beyond that, perhaps a shower and a trip to the library on Queen Street East for a bit of writing.

My meetings yesterday went well. A long time advertising strategist at an established Toronto production company was impressed with a proposal I drew up. We met for an hour, and made plans to meet again in a week. Whether this particular project moves forward or not, it seems I’ve gained an ally behind the scenes.

I did find time yesterday to pick away at Act I. Mostly I rewrote a couple scenes that were already down on the page, but lacked inspiration. I think they’re in a much better place now. Afterwards, Elizabeth came over and we watched three episodes of FireFly. The whole time I kept thinking how brilliant that series is, and how I could possibly improve my own script by taking mental notes. Needless to say, I find myself inspired this morning, with a zest to get yet unwritten scenes down on the page.

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