A Tale of Two Competing Priorities

I’m home during the day for the first time in a four days – which is giving me time to catch up on emails, phone calls and follow-up. Monday & Tuesday, I worked on the set of Lost Girl. Wednesday I was on a commercial, and yesterday I worked as a daily in the Accounting Department of Inland – a feature film by Depa Mehta. I have two meetings downtown this afternoon, and two more days of Lost Girl coming up next week.

It’s good to be busy. I’m hoping to continue this pace by staying on people’s radar. I’ve had countless meetings now, and the list of individuals whom I’ve actually worked for is growing. There remains a lot of uncertainty in my near future, but I am confident that I’m on the right track. Every production accountant I’ve talked to, has told me that they haven’t ‘looked’ for a job in years. After working two or three different shows, they became established and their phone rings. The accounting caucus is relatively small, and everybody knows everybody else – and they all talk to each other, about each other, when looking for positions to fill on their respective shows. After three months, I’ve become ‘known’ to a handful of that group.

I’m finding it difficult to carve out time to write, with more practical matters so prominent in my headspace. This guilts me out. I was asked to write 10 pages for a special event at the Toronto Cold Reads series. I’m also hoping to complete Act I of Machiavelli & Tymes by the end of the weekend.

Hmm… after writing that last sentence, I stared at it for a couple minutes. ‘Hope’? Fuck that. I’m going to complete Act I on Sunday. I’m going to start on it today. After my shower, and before my 2pm meeting. And then for a bit after that as well.

And then I’m going to watch the Rider game tonight.

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