Hours Before the Big Moment

Tonight is the big night.

I invited every Toronto actor, colleague, producer, and friend in my contacts list, to my table read tonight. I’m excited to see how the room will respond to this latest draft of Moment In Between. 

Unlike past table reads that I’ve organized, I’m trying to give this more of an ‘event’ type of feel. It’s taking place in the Black Swan, 3rd floor on Danforth Ave. There’s a stage. There are lights. There’s cocktail type seating.

We’ll see who shows up.

In other news, I completed the step outline for Machiavelli & Tymes on Saturday. I’m three scenes into Act I right now, and with a concerted effort, should be into Act II by Monday. Write a little bit every day is what they say. I’m hopeful my Minesweeper habit doesn’t eat too deeply into my productivity.

Other than that, I’ll be tapping my ‘work the phones and emails, put myself out there, and land my next gig’ routine for the rest of the day. Wish me luck. With all of it. Please.

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