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I discovered Minesweeper on the internet yesterday. You can play it for free. You can play it for hours at a time – which I did. And now I feel like a druggie on a cocaine binge.

Minesweeper for gawd sakes! It’s not even a cool game, but it is a great game. I used to play it to pass the time on grave yard shifts when I dispatched for CAA in my university days. Something about that game would light my brain up. Hands fell off the clock.

My mind is attracted to pattern recognition type of activities. Pattern recognition and logic. It’s like scooby snacks for a puppy. Nothing can stimulate me like how that game does.

I need to NOT play it for a very long time. Reclaim my productivity. Feel better about myself.

Indeed, today hath many goals. I need to get some scripts printed for the table read tomorrow night. I need to get some writing done on the first act of Machiavelli & Tymes.

I need to shower.

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