A Streetcar Named Friday Afternoon

I’m currently sitting in the window of Rooster Coffee House on Queen Street East and I feel a blog article bubbling to the surface – so here I go.

Jazzy landed back in Toronto on Tuesday. Her summer in Vancouver with PJ was unassuming, and quiet. So many summers at this time of year I put Jazzy on a plane with a heavy heart. I have great empathy for what PJ is going through right now. For what it’s worth, I haven’t seen much of my daughter. I gave Jazz my Metro pass and she’s been off in all directions, all over the city ever since. We made plans to go out on a date on Sunday night.

My stint on Transporter wrapped up a week ago. I spent this week catching up on a month’s worth of emails and follow-up. Drove all over town crashing production offices and leaving resumes behind. Took a couple of other meetings too. I have no definitive gigs lined up in my near future, but I do have a lot of people saying they want to work with me. I’m not worried about it (too much). I was in this boat a month ago, and after deciding to turn my pyramid of needs upside town, I landed a four-week gig – and all the peace of mind and clarity that came with it.

I got notes back on the third draft of Moment from LIFT’s Screenwriter’s Circle. They all felt it was a page-turner, but some expressed wonder at whether it would be better off as a play. Personally, I think I need to work on my final scene, and then do some trimming. I also have a book on rewrites that I would like to get through.

I think I’m becoming a more mature writer. I no longer feel like the draft I’m working on will be my final draft, but rather something that’s in its current state of completion. There are some screen writing funds that have deadlines coming up. Given the feedback I’ve been receiving, I think I may apply. 

Speaking of writing – a Colorado based publishing company wants to publish Not Being a Dick. All I have to do is sign the contract, and I’ll be a published-for-real writer, with distribution across the continent. What’s interesting, is that I haven’t really thought about it at all. In fact, I barely remembered to mention it in this article.

I signed a distribution deal with a company in May for three of my TV documentary series, and I haven’t heard from them since. It’s still too soon to see if the deal will bear fruit, so I haven’t thought about it very much. This publishing contract sort of has the same feel about it. 

Practically speaking, I need to show the contract to some trusted writer friends to get an opinion, then make a decision from there on how to proceed.


There are a number of theatre companies in the immediate area. I bet you someone there would know if my contract is a good deal or not. Theatre Toronto is a Streetcar ride away as well. I guess I just figured out how I’m going to spend the rest of my afternoon.

It’s 2:41pm. I gotta jet.

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