Routine Weekend Ponderifications

I’ve been asked to come back for a third week on Transporter and I’m thrilled. I’m enjoying my job as well as the people I work with. It’s provided much clarity and the weekly cheques are nice too.

Mostly, it’s the routine that’s been good for my headspace. Too many days, I’d wake up in the morning and have no idea what I would do that day. Work my spreadsheets, make phone calls, maybe do some writing. I was becoming completely uninspired by all the networking I was attempting.

To be clear, I’m glad I planted those seeds. I learned much about the industry here, and I’ve made great contacts as a result of those efforts, but I was completely out of balance. No doubt I’ll be back to pounding the pavement once my current gig is over, but it’s nice to wake up in the morning and have complete clarity over what my day will bring.

This clarity makes my weekends feel like weekends. It makes my creative endeavours feel like gems I’ve carved out from the rest of my week, as opposed to something I do out of obligation to my ambitions.

Speaking of ambitions, I completed the third draft of my screenplay That Moment In Between. I stayed late at the office last week after I finishing my work, and spent three hours writing. Perfect location as far as I’m concerned – free coffee and snacks, a desk, and quiet all around.

I showed the draft to a writing group I joined, and the feedback was positive. There remain some tweaks, and after another pass, I think I’ll be ready to start pitching it. Perhaps I’ll even get to those tweaks this weekend, but not before I take some time to enjoy doing absolutely nothing.

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