The Clarity of Seeing Less on My Plate

And now I have clarity.

One day after turning the Pyramid of Basic Needs upside down, I was offered a position on Transporter. It’s a week-long stint as a trainee production accountant, and if they like me, they’re going to keep me to the end of the run (mid August). I also have an interview coming up for another series, which would start just as my current series would be wrapping.

I’ve sent out hundreds of emails, and set up dozens of meetings since rejoining the Guild at the beginning of June. I finally landed the opportunity I’ve been clawing for – and the only niggly thing hanging over my headspace was the question of my acceptance into the Canadian Film Centre. What would I do if they let me in?

Fortunately the answer came only a few hours after landing the Transporter gig. No dice. I’ve been passed over for the third straight year, and this time, I couldn’t be happier. With a single minded sense of purpose, I can set about turning this production accounting opportunity into the next phase of my career. All I have to do is be great at my job, and the machine will push me up the ladder.

This doesn’t mean that I’m going to stop writing. Not by a long shot. But now I can focus like never before. I have two things to worry about, instead of twelve. I no longer have to feel like I’m sitting at home, working in a call centre as I tax my phone, and send my emails, looking to line up meetings, clients, and opportunities. I planted those seeds. Now it’s time to reap them.

And this feels incredible.

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