Into the Machine

Shooting in Hamilton

Shooting in Hamilton

Sorry for the time between postings, I’ve been in movie jail.

Fourteen hour days, plus travel time to and from locations over 70 Kms out of town. It’s a bit like working on a submarine where your only human contact for days on end is your fellow crew. They feed you all day long, and all day long they keep you on your toes.

The filmmaking machine moves at a slow, steady, and relentless pace. We all feed it with our sweat, and expertise, and well-honed skills. Sometimes it feels like running a marathon in slow motion, with no opportunity to stop. Ever. The machine demands your constant attention and forgives no oversight.

There’s no other job like it in the world, and it feels great to be getting out of the house, and spending a hellova lot less time with myself. I’m enjoying the opportunity and I finally feel like I’m a more tangible part of the industry out here.

I’m enjoying the people I work with. I’m learning a lot while at the same time, practicing the lessons learned over the course of my career. I really feel like I’m contributing to something, while at the same time, taking from the machine, the things I need to climb the ladder, so that I could contribute even more, while taking even more.

I’ve had the opportunity to work with Torrey DeVitto. We developed a nice rapport over the course of this latest production. She kept asking me questions about Jazzy, and when I told her that Jazz is a voracious reader – that Pretty Little Liars is one of the books she’s read before – Torrey asked if she could do something special for her. The result is below.

photo 1 photo 2

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