An Article in Search of a Theme

This will be one of those posts where I just kind of catch up with everything that’s been going on over the past two weeks, because I haven’t written in a while. We’ll see if by the end of the article, some sort of opportunity to tie everything together under a common theme presents itself. I’m not optimistic.

My screenplay is in a good place, although I haven’t found many opportunities to work on it. Basically, I figured out how to rewrite Act III so that it accelerates all the conflict to a sharpened climax. I have NOT figured out all the steps to get there, but I plan to put it in the hands of my characters to see what happens. I intend to steal some time away from the rest of my day to work on it for an hour or so.

I was hired last week as a Set PA on a movie. It was my first DGC gig in Ontario and it was absolutely a positive experience. I seemed to have gained the respect of the crew, and I held my own on set. My biggest challenge was trying to figure out what the plan was from day to day, because I only came on the show with five days to go. Getting me up to speed wasn’t a big priority for the AD team, and I don’t blame them. I spent a lot of time eves-dropping on conversations, studying the call sheet, and asking questions. I then used the information to figure out my place, without being told.

I continue to work the DGC Hotlist, looking for my next gig. Mostly I’m interested in meeting people because I can’t rely on my resume. Too many PM and Producer credits, not enough AD type credits. Individuals with senior level credits, applying for lower tier crew positions doesn’t add up, and usually means trouble. I need to meet people and tell them my story. To date, a number of AD’s have offered me days on their shows, but haven’t specified which days yet.

Mom and Dave are visiting right now. It’s great to have them here because they buy me stuff – err… I mean because I love them. The visit has been super chilled out. Not a lot of tour guide type activity going on. They haven’t shown much interest in leaving my balcony. Makes it easy to get stuff done, while at the same time, being fed. Jazz said they should visit more often.

I have to wrap this up now. Jazzy has a job at a cafe, and she wants us all to come for a visit before her shift ends. I need to transform into ‘Presentable Jarrett’ from ‘Slept on the Couch Jarrett’.

The sun is out and the weekend is upon us. Let’s see what we can make of it.

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