Letting my Fingers do the Walking

I don’t want to write about business stuff, but that’s the only thing swimming through my mind at the moment.

It’s been a week since joining the Directors Guild and I’ve wasted no time setting up meetings and making phone calls, looking to build new relationships. Sometimes I feel like I’m working in a call centre, because when I’m not writing, I’m working through my spreadsheet of contacts, making cold calls. It has me feeling rather schizophrenic at the moment because I’m three different people depending on who I’m calling.

I’m a production company when I’m calling potential clients and broadcasters. I’m crew when I’m calling Guild contacts. I’m a writer when I’m meeting with Producers – that is when I’m not pitching myself as a producer/director who also shoots and cuts.

I do all of these things well, and everyone seems to appreciate someone who can wear a lot of hats.

Know what I’m not though? C’mon guess. There’s no part of me that enjoys working the phone.

I’m going to spend the day writing – just as soon as I make some phone calls – and take some meetings.

1 thought on “Letting my Fingers do the Walking

  1. Hey Jarrett, always just be yourself, unless you can be Batman, then always be him….the rest will fall into place!

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