Between Episodes on Netflix

It seems that I’ve fallen into marking the milestones of my life by measuring my moments of ‘Clear Beginnings & Endings’. Today I find myself at the crossroads of one such moment.

The vignettes I created for the Brampton Sports Hall of Fame went over well. The organizers talked about bringing us back next year, so that was very gratifying. Sending off the final invoice yesterday marked a conclusion to that particular project.

Yesterday also capped weeks of writing and preparation for my application to the Canadian Film Centre. I might have mentioned it before, but this year I spent a lot of time focusing on the little things. I am hopeful that my attention to detail will pay off.

More than submitting a collection of documents, the application process caused me to take stock of my time here in Toronto. My ‘Letter of Intent’ moved me the most. In 1,045 words I painted a picture of who I am, what I’ve done, and where I want to be. It came in at just over two pages, after showing previous drafts to Larry & Ian. Both expressed a great admiration for what I had to say about myself – which means a lot coming from two accomplished television writers.

They say a story is real life with the boring bits removed. The same seems to hold true for that letter – me with the boring bits removed.

Sometimes I feel like I’m two me’s. There’s the me who went out and did the long list of things I talked about in my letter (and then some). And then there’s the me who needs to keep a limited number of dishes in the cupboard, so I’m forced to clean ’em every four days or so. There’s always this battle waging inside, between doing as little as required to advance my goals, and searching for ways to fill the quiet times with bursts of activity that will give me a competitive edge. I seem to live somewhere in between those two extremes.

I guess I’m so used to beating myself up for not being on the extreme edge of productivity, that I forget I actually have gotten a lot done – enough that people higher up the food chain are impressed with me.

This all went through my mind last night as I sat on the couch and binge-watching Netflix.

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