Grey Only Happens When It’s Cloudy

It’s Thursday already! When did that happen?

Jazz and I rolled into to Toronto on Sunday at precisely 8pm. 2,751 ams in 24 hours. Fastest drive ever (via I-94 Chicago). I was in a big damned hurry because my play, Not Being A Dick was on deck at the Toronto Cold Reads Series. 

Coming back to Toronto and being featured in such a way, was pretty super duper alright. Six pieces were read, and mine closed down the night. Last read of the season in fact. They start anew in September and I intend to be a part of it. I met so many great writers and actors from being involved over the last 7 months. I think I’ve become a more betterer writer as a result.

It’s good to be home. It’s much easier to get work done in Toronto. My routines are down. I don’t have the distraction of home cooking, old friends, and loving family around to keep me from being detached and productive(ish). I love Regina, but I’m feeling in my bones like Toronto is where I belong.

Having said that, I’m not getting out much. I walked around a bit on Monday, but the last three days have been grey and rainy. I don’t mind the rain at all, but the colour grey affects my mood. I turn the lights on in the middle of the day just to get a little bit of orange hue in the room. It helps.

I’ve also been busying myself with a project for Tantrum Creative. I’m creating 3D vignettes of nominees for the Brampton Sports Hall of Fame. I finished the first of five videos last night. At this pace, I’ll have everything done by the weekend.

The CFC is strongly on my radar too. May 16th is the deadline for the Bell Media Prime Time TV Program. As previously mentioned, this program is the single greatest way to break into the industry as a TV writer. They take 8 applicants per year from across the country. Highly competitive. This will be my third crack at it.

I spoke to someone from the CFC yesterday and gained a lot of insight into what I can do to improve my application this year. With that said, I have a cover letter to compose, and the sun just came out. Methinks a coffee shop is in my near future. Wish me luck.


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