Things to Contemplate Before and After a Nap

Alright! Peddle to the meddle.

Pun. Get it?

It’s Monday morning and I have a string of projects that I’m keen to push in a forward direction. In no particular order, I have Another One Comes, Room 31, and three small corporate projects. Being in Saskatchewan and still living on EST seems to be a good thing. I was up at 6am and working by 7. Unheard of back in TO!

Of course, it’s now 10:30am in Regina and I’m ready for a nap.

I’m in the process of conducting research into web series and branded content. I’ve read two white papers published by the CMPA, and I’m half way through another report published by the IPF. I have meetings upcoming with Jim Aho from Brown Communications and Nova Alberts from Creative Saskatchewan.

Larry Bambrick got back to me with thoughts on my Sci Fi pilot script, Room 31. He feels it’s strong and thinks I should submit it to the CFC for their Prime Time Television program. Deadline is May 16. He also said he’d be happy to review my application before sending it in. I have a strong spec for Boardwalk Empire to complement my pilot. I intend to focus on more nuance aspects of the application process this year. Hopefully the third time’s the charm.

On a personal note, it’s day two of my return to carnivorism. I smile every time I put cooked up bits of dead animal in my mouth. I love this time of year. Sometimes the best things in life are the simplest things in life.

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