Cabin in the Woods


Not only was Cabin in the Woods a brilliant take on the horror genre by Joss Whedon, but it was also how I spent Monday night.

Jon and Fiona invited me up to their family’s cabin for the night, so I took ’em up on it. I’m still getting used to how diverse Southern Ontario is compared to Saskatchewan. Their cabin is two hours north of Toronto, set on the shore of Muskoka Lake, and well into the fringe of the Canadian Shield. It’s a completely different world from Toronto. Drive two hours in any direction from Regina, and you’re still not anywhere that looks any different from where you just left. The other thing striking about our trip north, was how much snow was there. It looked like December, but felt like April (temperature wise). Kind of the best of both months.

There were five of us altogether. I invited Tonia, and Jon & Fiona brought their friend Donald. We couldn’t explore very much because the snow was knee deep and completely wet, so we cooped ourselves up, got drunk, and played board games all night. By 1am, the temperature had dropped significantly, and I wound up wearing four layers as I crawled into my sleeping bag. Musta been -7 celsius. I slept well, but my toes didn’t.

Today is Jazzy’s 15th birthday. Lisa brought over a vegan cake earlier (we’re both fasting for lent) and I surprised Jazz with it. We didn’t have candles, so I was forced to improvise.

I also got her a kitten – which hasn’t been born yet, but I got one. Jazz was thrilled, and I am officially her most favourite dad ever.

Afterwards, Jazz wanted to show her friend Anika, Cabin in the Woods, so we turned off the lights, sat on the couch and took it in.

Kind of a perfect way to end this article.

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