Room 31 Version 9

On April 4th I completed the 9th draft of Room 31. 

This draft is almost unrecognizable from previous versions, and a zillion times better. It started with me looking for ways to inject more conflict through action – which unexpectedly caused the characters to shift in demeanour – which caused the tone of the whole piece to shift much more towards a drama (with an absurd twist).

As I worked through previous drafts, I struggled to find the right tone. Philosophically heavy, dramatically serious, comedically poignant. I think I’m there.

With this draft freshly completed, I attended the Toronto Screenwriters Conference last weekend – where my mind quickly filled to overflowing. Seminars on writing for Sci Fi, Anatomy of a Pilot, Insanely Great Endings, and much more were offered. I sat in an audience with hundreds of other writers – most of whom are already writing what we see on television everyday.

I shook hands and received contact information for Cameron Porsandeh, Sam Egan, Emily Andras, Alan McCullough, and Denis McGrath. These are some of the most well known writers in Sci Fi and they all agreed to read Room 31.

On Thursday I had actors over for a table read. I’ve heard the script out loud in previous drafts, but this was the first time where I felt like it flowed. I think it’s ready to send out to the world.

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