Getting Noticed

Oh hey there!

It’s been a little while since I checked in with myself. Lots happening over the past few weeks and I find myself this morning, completely at a loss for what to make of my day. I’m staring out the window and while there’s a lot to get to, I can’t really bring myself to sort through it. I’ve been feeling this way for three days now.

Two weeks ago, I worked briskly to promote Another One ComesMarch 31 was the final day to gather eyeballs for the demo, before being evaluated by the Independent Production Fund. Unfortunately we didn’t make the shortlist. That didn’t stop me from musing on the idea further.

Never before in my career had I gone from nothing on the page, to a finished scripted narrative in less than 10 days – and I did that twice! It was like the sky opened up and I heard the call of filmmaking angel song. I can write, and shoot, and direct, and produce, and edit. All I need is for someone to hold the boom. And actors. And beer.

Best of all, the response has been overwhelmingly positive. The second demo was shared by perfect strangers across their own social networks. Adam Hawboldt from Verb News interviewed me for an article. CFL News tweeted the video, as did the Toronto Argonauts, Ottawa Redblacks, and their related blogs.

Without funding, it will be difficult to pursue this idea as anything more than a novel exercise, so I began doing research into Branded Entertainment. There’s a lot more to say about the strategy than what I’m prepared to write here, but there are precedents to follow. I just need to do more research, and figure out a more comprehensive plan before I begin approaching people.

Separate from this project, I was hired by Crucial Pictures to produce, direct and edit a commercial that will play nationally on CityTV. We are thrilled with how it turned out, and both the client (Heritage Education Funds) and production company had nice things to say about me. Here’s hoping more opportunities will come from that.

Staying on the topic of paid work, I am also in the process of finishing up a short documentary for Tantrum Creative, and a series of short vignettes, also for Tantrum. In both cases, everything has gone reasonably smooth. Both the client and production company are thrilled with the work thus far.

It’s good to be appreciated for my skills. I’m still at a loss for what to make of my day, but something tells me I should start by culling the 381 messages I have in my inbox. From there, we’ll see what the day has in store for me.

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