An Interesting Development

All you gotta do to make a show happen, is book a theatre.

It’s an idea I copped from Ken Davenport, that continues to resonate in my daily life. I had this idea to shoot an episode of Another One Comes during the CFL Combine on March 22, as a way of getting more eyeballs on my series demo. CFL fans are very passionate, and any new thing with a CFL theme, especially at this time of year, will attract a lot of attention.

Thing is, there are a lot of rights to clear, and logistics to cover, and people to talk to, and mountains to move, that are way beyond my control. This great idea I had two weeks ago, seemed a bit of a hill to climb as the Combine drew near. I was all ready to resign myself to the improbability of it.

I made some phone calls last week and got nowhere. Not many got back to me, and those who did, didn’t seem enthusiastic. Shockingly, football people are more concerned with football matters, at this once-a-year football event.

Before completely throwing in the towel on Monday, I owed it to my peace of mind to make one final phone call to the CFL head office. I left a message and then got on with my life.

Twenty minutes later, the CFL’s Director of Communications and Broadcast was returning my call. I told him what I had in mind – that instead of guaranteeing access to certain individuals, could I simply show up with my actors and NOT be kicked out?

[pause for dramatic effect]

It now seems I am in a mad rush to shoot an episode of my web series on Saturday. I have been granted official access to the event, and I have a script.

Outstanding! All I needed was actors. And a boom mic. And a 24-105mm lens. And a plan.

The plan is evolving. The lens remains outstanding. Same with the boom. I have two of my three actors in place, and I’m content to cast someone from the event to play my third role. Guerrilla Filmmaking at its finest.

I’m racing madly towards a finish, and I have no clear idea how the whole thing will transpire.

Makes it kind of interesting, doesn’t it?

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