The Banana Solution

Jazz and I had ‘the talk’ on Saturday.

Something had to be done about all those bananas on the counter. They just kept sitting there, and then turning brown.

I suppose we could have eaten them, but they were just a little bit too brown for my liking. I might put one in my mouth and not like the taste – or worse, wind up with one of those mushy squish spots that bananas are prone to be known for.

If I waited one more day, the bananas would certainly be too brown to eat, and then my decision to NOT eat them, would be much simpler to make.

Something about this theory rang nonsensical however. Couldn’t put my finger on it, so I sat Jazz down for a discussion.

In the past, she had shown an interest in combining ingredients together into a pan, and then baking ’em up in the oven. The resulting product was always something delicious we could cut up an put in our mouths – and then swallow.

To this end, she sent me out to the grocery store to buy nuts, brown sugar, and flour. Mere hours later, she made the brown bananas disappear, and produced something rather loafy and bananaish tasting.

I clearly am excelling at this whole fatherhood thing.

2 thoughts on “The Banana Solution

  1. Love it! She will turn into a good cook, just like her Binca. P
    ut the cookbook I gave her for Xmas to good use. There are some excellent Grandma/Binca recipes in there.

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