$6.95 Worth of Musing

I’m recording my current contemplation upon a sunny disposition under the influence of a collision of random circumstance, three pints of Guinness, and a general good feeling about my address in the way of things that’ve all come and gone and come again so soon.

Spring is busting out from beneath a pack of snow, Jazzy and I are headed off to the Red Lounge for a father/daughter date, and I am feeling praise for the work I’m doing for clients, and self, and futures yet unknown.

I love the city I live in. Finally starting to feel like I actually belong here, and sortaly starting to glimpse at a future that seems brightly mighty in scope. There remains yet a phone to start working, and a shoot to start triggering, and a logistic that has yet to be sewn.

No big whoop at this moment in time. Happy vibrations of memories and revelries, and general strong sense of esteems of myself being all smiley with myself in the mirror.

The headspace, it ebbs and flows, and goes off in all powerful directions. Been a long time since I expressed myself this way, but always it lives, just beyond access, where more pressing matters materialize.

It’s a phase I’ll enjoy for a spell. A spell I’ll wander by. A passing to take on this journey I make, between broken thoughts and happy places more frequently travelled.

Life is for living, and too often we’re living for some other time, in some other place, in some space where we all go for a routine to make up of our selves. It’s not like I don’t live there, all along with the rest of you poor bastards – I’m just taking my leave for an few days or two.

In twelve minutes I’ll be walking out the front door of this cozy Irish pub, three blocks from home. My pint will be empty and my heart will be full. Three selections of seafood baked and rolled and sorted to make our fast full.

(the later cost $6.95 at Loblaw’s).

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