Fast Times to Cult Status

Jazzy decided to join me in my annual fast. No meat or dairy for 40 days. So far so good. It’s been three days and only feels like a week!

We’ve been eating a lot of waffles.

My week has been dominated by my effort to promote Another One Comes. I’ve been working Facebook, Twitter, and my phone, to reach out to people and get them to watch the video. In the midst of all this, I was struck with the idea of shooting another video – one with a CFL theme – to use as a tool to promote the series.

The Roughrider brand attained cult status at an event last week (along with Red Bull, GoPro, and four others). Gotta be a way to parlay some of that cult status into my series.

It’s not just about cult status mind you. I wrote the pilot to a TV series set in the CFL four years ago, and by reviving two of those characters and giving them life in this new undertaking, I feel like I’m breathing new life into them. More than repurposing these characters, I’m actually going to see them on the screen in a few weeks.

There do remain some complicated logistics to figure out. We shoot March 22 and only two of the six roles are cast. There are rights to clear and locations to secure. And the clock is ticking.

I’ve had a meeting with the Toronto Argonauts, and exchanged emails and phone calls with the CFL and Saskatchewan Roughriders. I don’t know when my answers will come, but as I prepare for this shoot, I have to keep a few contingencies up my sleeve.

In the meantime, the first four episodes are going to be read at the Toronto Cold Read Series tomorrow. I won the ‘Writer’s Challenge’ last week – they pulled my name out of a hat, gave me three artifacts, and told me to come back with a play.

Instead of a play, I wrote two new episodes for the web series – including the one I’ll be shooting in two weeks. It’ll be a great way to hear the work before it goes to camera. It’s also incredibly satisfying to share the work with that community. They all seem to be fans.

When my thoughts are tied up with AOC (Another One Comes), I have managed to involve myself in other endeavours. I had a meeting this week with CBC. I finished a rewrite on the first two acts of Room 31. I landed a producing gig for a TV commercial, and I also was hired by Kunle to shoot a three-minute documentary.

I’m going to spend the morning working on Act three before seeing what else the day has to offer. Lots going on.

Keeps my mind off my stomach.

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