Method Writing

I’m shooting the first episode of the web series in two weeks.

After a recent meeting, I became aware of a program that funds web series. Among the requirements to apply, is having a ‘teaser’ for the series up and running, and attracting eyeballs online via a social media campaign.

Working backwards from the March 3 deadline, this means having that teaser up and running by mid-february, should give us enough time to get a buzz going. In the meantime, there is a crew and equipment to source, a location to secure, and a script to break down.

In other news, my suspicions about the second episode script were confirmed. I put a call out on Inktip’s Facebook page for writers to look at it, and a couple responded. People are digging the dialogue, and they are saying nice things about my writing ability, but the structure needs work. I need to break the spine, reorder some things, and punch up the stakes. I may get to that over the weekend.

I’ve also been meeting with the cast and getting to know them. To be honest, the process has become a bit overwhelming. Normally, I enjoy drilling into peoples’ minds and getting a peak at the crusty bits inside their closets. Having a couple of those types of conversations in a month feels a bit exhausting. Five in one week is information overload. It feels like research and not a delightful conversation.

I have two more such conversations lined up today and then I’m done. I can pour all that raw data into the creation of fresh new characters, all beautifully flawed and perfectly human. It feels like ‘method writing’ – an interesting and inspiring process to be sure.

More than anything, it feels great to be writing something that is so immediate and readily presentable. I’m looking forward to the next two week’s worth of creativity.

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