Cold Calling a Meeting

To date I have researched over 100 production companies, contacted 64, and set up meetings with 17. I still hate picking up the phone and cold-calling people.

The meetings have gone very well. My picture of the industry here in TO is becoming a lot clearer. I seem to be digging the people I’m meeting with, and they seem to be digging me. Some have expressed an interest in working with me, others have simply wished me well, with an eye to open possibilities.

The key methinks, is NOT asking for a job, or any kind of funding. This is a relationship industry, not a transaction one. Passion for the things we care about and choose to develop, matters a lot. It’s also important to listen, as much as it is to speak. If I can figure out what makes people tick, and what they’re interested in, we can figure out how to work together down the road. Fortunately, with a diverse background like mine, there’s a lot of options there.

Elsewhere in my life, the cold has sufficiently motivated me to seal the windows in my apartment with transparent insulating film. If a camera were following me around, it would be a comedy.

At first I felt like I didn’t have enough hands, but then I figured out that nature has evolved us with the ability to carry scissors in our mouths. Next came my perilous adventure with two-sided tape. What magical wizardry would sufficiently suffice, for one to peel the backing of this mysterious sticky film? Eventually I figured out that if you let it sit on the wall for a few minutes, the backing comes off with only a limited volley of swear words.

Then came the film itself.

For the life of me, I couldn’t figure out how much to unroll. I think the CIA tracks the stuff so they could monitor the IQ of potential secret agents. You see, it unfolds to the required width, but then once you cut it, it unfolds again – lengthwise, so that what happens is it becomes too long. Of course it would be easy to trim the excess length, but then a major portion of the film gets wasted. There has to be a way to unfold only enough of it, so that its double length upon cutting, would be sufficient to cover the require area.

I held it up. I looked at it sideways. I crossed my eyes. I meditated. I figured it out. Twice! And then I couldn’t remember what the hell I just did.

As of right now, every window in the house is covered – and I still needed to wear three layers inside. I strongly suspect the walls don’t have insulation – or maybe that’s just the roof. You see my place has 20-foot cathedral style ceilings – the the sloped roof, is my walls. Great for good vibrations, but not so efficient when it comes to staying warm during a polar vortex.

I’m just going to have to go out and take more meetings to stay warm.

2 thoughts on “Cold Calling a Meeting

  1. That crossed my mind but you know what would be better? A big fucking boiler. You got one of those? Maybe just slip one in your pocket from work? Cuz if you do, bring it over, we’ll drink some beers, and I’ll watch you install it.

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