From Behind the Wheel

Under no circumstances should the drive wheels ever spin free in 5th gear on an inter-state at 80 km/h. Such was the icy road conditions on our trek home from Saskatchewan. I only hit the ditch once – and that was at 10 km/h while driving on the shoulder to get around a cop who had stopped traffic. I actually needed the ditch to find traction, just to launch myself back onto the highway.

Overall, the 2,754 kilometres I drove, were worrisome in only a few places. If the road was bad, I’d fall in line and drive slow. When the conditions were good, I made hay. After losing two hours to the weather on Day 1, we actually made up an hour on Day 2.

Jazz and I pulled into Toronto at 1am last night. It’s great to be ‘home’.

Today is dedicated to the worship of nothing. I’ve got nothing planned, and I refuse to even make plans. My ‘to-do’ list can go fuck itself. I am happy to just tinker with odds and ends that come to mind, all day long.

There have been one or two things that occurred to me whilst behind the wheel these last couple of days. Long road trips are good for the mind in that respect. I am looking forward to hitting the first Monday of 2014 running.

In the meantime, I need to get back to doing very little.

Happy New Year!

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