Two Weeks and 29 Hours

I’m in the midst of a ‘thing’ with my blog. The burning desire I used to feel to document every moment of my life has subsided somewhat. Perhaps I’m more interested in living my life than I am in reflecting upon it. Perhaps I’m a lot less narcissistic than I used to be. Perhaps I’m becoming too cautious about what I say, lest I bruise my career in some way. Perhaps I’m just bored with it.

Or perhaps I just need to go back and read old articles to see if my impression of past musings hold up to reality? There are a lot of ghosts in them thar paragraphs. Old projects. Long dead friendships. Travels. Memories.

It’s worth keeping up methinks. I’m sure I’ll work through it, whatever this ‘thing’ is.


The world has been treating me well, these past couple weeks.

I’ve taken a number of meetings with industry types. There’s a handshake deal in place to develop a documentary series with Angel Entertainment. I also submitted a pitch for another documentary series to a broadcaster in Toronto. Both projects excite me and capture my imagination.

In the meantime, I completed the latest draft of Room 31. The tone has shifted significantly from being a half-hour comedy to a one-hour drama with Dr. Who type absurdity. Most of the additional pages came from developing a B and C story arc, then weaving scenes from those arcs into the A story plot.

When I think back to previous drafts, I am amazed at how much of the original script has been obliterated. Writing is rewriting. Ideas I had for later episodes have all found their way into the pilot script. It’s very dense now – every scene is squeezed to the last drop for bits of story. I anxiously await feedback because it’s very close now – close enough to begin showing it to producers and broadcasters.


I’m writing this from my mother’s living room. Jazzy, Aubree and I made the trek into Regina via the United States on Friday. Unlike past years, we didn’t stop for the night. Aubree spelled me off once we cleared Minneapolis. She drove for five hours and then I took over again in Jamestown. Unfortunately we hit some weather an hour later, so I stopped at a small-town gas station to wait things out.

Shutting my eyes for three hours probably did me some good. We kept the car running for heat because it was -20 outside. At 6:15am I opened my eyes to witness the snow plough driving by. Figured it was a good time to get moving again.

We dropped Aubree off at her parent’s place, and pulled into mom’s driveway 20 minutes later. 29 hours in the car. I haven’t done much of anything since.

Probably could use a shower now. Let’s leave it at that.

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