When the Idea Becomes More

The short film that I’ve been writing has turned into something much bigger than I ever expected. With Alan Goloboff set as Director, Ken Crawczyk as DP, and Ron Wisman Sr. as Editor, we’ve already assembled an impressive, award winning team. A writer whom I came to know recently, who wrote for Flashpoint read my script and said, “it really cooks along.” The script will be the biggest factor in determining whether we are successful with our funding or not.

I’m feeling pretty good about things, but as I said, the project has turned into something much bigger than a short film. With this script, I realized that I have the beginnings of the procedural that I’ve been advised to conceive.

I tweaked some of the details, and wrote a one-pager. I showed it to some colleagues and they were impressed with the concept. Encouraged, I set up a meeting with a friend who’s working for a broadcaster. She loves the idea and gave me some notes for a second draft – things that will really speak this broadcaster. She said I should send her the revisions, and she’ll take the project directly to the decision makers. After that, it’s out of our hands.

I have meetings upcoming with three production companies and one other broadcaster. I’m working the phone to set up more meetings. This feels really good.

Cross your fingers for me. Please.

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