Going Forward by Looking Back

I attended a Director’s Guild of Canada event on Monday night at the TIFF Lightbox. Six days earlier I took in a Writer’s Guild of Canada event at the same venue. Both events played a role in shaping how I think of myself.

It seems I’ve been walking through a sort of career purgatory these past few years.

I’ve sat on the board of the DGC in Saskatchewan, as well as the Saskatchewan Motion Picture Association. I’ve co-produced and executive produced TV Dramas and Feature Films. I have a series that’s just finishing its run on CBC Documentary Channel. In all, I’ve put 67 episodes of television on screen.

And I’ve done very little with any of that experience here in Toronto.

I’ve resolved to write a short film, and apply for a Bravo FACT grant. I need to take inventory of all my circle of high profile connections in this business, and see how I can better leverage them. I have a feature film that I’d like to get optioned, but I need to write the next draft first.

In the meantime, I anxiously await feedback on the latest draft for Room 31. I also have ideas for the next draft of my spec for Boardwalk Empire.

I am so close to making things happen out here. Just need to be a little more methodical about it.

In Saskatchewan, I could pick up the phone and talk to anyone in my industry. I could trust people to see the potential in my work, because they already knew me as a writer/producer/director.

Applying that same approach to Toronto has been detrimental. I think of meetings that I’ve lined up for myself when I first got here, and cringe. It’s an absolute sin to show anyone who can influence my career, ANYTHING until the work is sparkling. That’s how this town works and that’s what I’m going to do.

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