Room 31 – Version 6

I just released the 6th draft of Room 31 onto the world – and by ‘world’ I mean handful of trusted eyeballs who agreed to read it.

The story’s come a long ways since the 5th draft (when I thought it was pretty close to done). Most significant is that I cut out the first two acts, and compressed them into two scenes. I then shaved pages from other scenes throughout acts three and four. Page count went from 62 pages down to 37, and most significantly, the story hasn’t changed!

The tone has changed quite a bit though. I rewrote my ‘hero’ characters to be much more dynamic, less cartoonish. They’ve become far more interesting to me, and to the reader (audience) by extension. As a result of this shift, the series is less funny and more dramatic.

I like this new tone. I can do a lot with it. Explore a lot of themes. Might make the series more sellable too. Sci-fy comedies aren’t really populating the dial right now.

I used to be really excited to show my work to as many different producers and agents as I could find. I figured that even if there were flaws in the work, they could see past that, into the potential of the piece. After being in Toronto for almost two years now, and seeing how competitive everything is, my mentality has changed quite a bit.

I no longer believe that every draft I write is the final draft. Writing is rewriting. There’s always some deeper drilling to do. The question now becomes, ‘when has the work gone through enough drafts to be showable to people who write cheques?’

I continue to build my network of trusted readers. I suppose when the notes stop coming, I might be close.

Damn. I just thought of something.

What if my protagonist was female?

Male audience members will buy a female lead, and women will dig the representation. The story remains the same. The conflict remains the same. The series becomes a few notches more sellable.
Guess there’s a version 7 on the way.

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