A Pubful of Ukeleles

I never planned to be there. Back room of a pub. Every single person there, a perfect stranger to me. Every single person there, holding a ukelele.

“We don’t need no education…”

They were singing. WE we’re singing actually. Found myself with a ukelele of my own in hand. I was learning to play the song, along with everyone else in the room. Perfectly surreal. Perfectly Toronto.

The Corktown Ukelele Jam happens every Wednesday in the Dominion Pub. I had no idea this was a thing. I had never in my wildest dreams conceived that this was something people would gather for. I still can’t believe it.

Best part of the night was my companion, a rather spirited British girl named Susie. I was meeting with her to gather her interest in playing a set at my next house concert. She was at the Dominion for the Jam, and invited me to join her after introductions were out of the way. Meeting people under these sorts of circumstances is the very best way to socialize.

I liked her immediately, mostly because she laughed at all my jokes – and she said encouraging things about my crappy ukelele playing. As Jack White would say, “I can already tell that we are gonna be friends.”

I had a meeting with a potential client downtown yesterday afternoon. Took the GO Train from my neighbourhood to Union Station and walked from there. King Street East is such a beautiful part of the city. Parks, walkways, nooks, art and culture everywhere. I’ve wandered briefly through the area in times past, but this was the first time I got the idea in my head to take Jazzy there to wander aimlessly. Perhaps Monday morning, since it’s a holiday. We can find a coffee shop, and get our beverages to go, then maybe find a vacant park bench to sit and talk and watch the city go by.

Today has editing in my future. Time to put a period on the end of this sentence and get to it.



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