Out the Door

Monday was kind of a shit day.

I have those every once in a while. Accomplished very little all day long and loathed myself the whole time for it. Working from home is tough sometimes. I googled an article on being productive in a home office environment. It seems motivation isn’t a problem unique to just myself.

There are a number of tips and tricks I picked up, but it comes down to will power. I just have to make a decision about what I’m going to do for the day, then commit to doing it.

To that end, Tuesday went much better. Put four items on my to-do list – culling email being one of them. There are over 180 in my inbox and I got through 20 in three hours.

It turns out there actually are some useful, career advancing information in some of them. I knew there would be, which is why I hadn’t deleted them in the first place, but with a little effort and a bit of time, I found that I could be doing far more for my career by tending to them, that I ever could by ‘getting to them later’.

I have whole folders on my laptop containing scripts, bios, pitch documents, and other content. These folders are well organized too. All I have to do is access them at the appropriate times and BOOM – I’m putting myself out there.

In yesterday’s case, I sent Not Being A Dick off to a couple of playwriting organizations – one in New York and the other in Connecticut. I also submitted the play to the Toronto Cold Read Series. It’ll be months before I hear back, but that’s not the point. I put stuff out the door, and if I keep doing that, everyday, I can’t help but have good things come to me.

I capped the night at a Writer’s Circle. Poets, playwrights, screen writers, and other such creatures all camped out in the back of a pub reading to each other. It was quite moving and a perfect way to end the day.

Today has more of the same on my plate.


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