The Fort

The house got strangely quiet the other night. No Jazz lurking about, so I went to investigate. Knocked on the door to her room. No answer. Knocked again. A muffled response, so I opened it and did not find what I expected to see.

The lights were off, and Jazzy’s bed was vacant. Perhaps she was in the loft. I climbed the stairs and peered up. Still no Jazz. WTF?

Then a muffled voice from the corner of her room. I opened the closet door and there she was, sitting on the floor in the dark with her iPhone.

“Everything alright?” I ask.

“It’s like a fort dad.”

“You’re fourteen.”

“You have a weird daughter,” she says, and then throws me a smile.

I smile back, close the door and leave.

Today has me finishing the vignettes for the Lieutenant Governor’s Arts Awards. Technically, the nominee videos are all done. Just have to finish up the sponsorship stuff then send it off.

It’s always satisfying to complete a project. Unlike past projects however, I plan to do a lot more to parlay this work into future prospects – use these vignettes as an opportunity to introduce myself to the sponsors and related organizations who were featured in the event.

Follow up. It does not come naturally to me. I would rather just be cooped up in my studio, pecking away at a steady supply of projects, without any need for picking up the phone and doing the handshake thing.

I’m not anti social, I just have a lot more in common with my daughter than I’m willing to admit.

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