Parbuckling My Way Towards A Coffee Cup

I smelled popcorn last night and immediately made a beeline for Jazzy’s room.

She was on Skype, talking to a friend. I accused her of hoarding popcorn. Things got uncomfortable. I suggested she’s probably keeping the popcorn in mason jars underneath her bed. Jazzy looked at me without blinking. I did not see popcorn anywhere.

Her friend laughed. I left and closed the door behind me. Still couldn’t find the source of the popcorn smell.

She must be hiding something. I just know it. She did dishes this morning and I didn’t even ask her.

The vignettes for the LGAAs are coming along nicely. I could be further along, but I’m taking the time to experiment and try new things. I brought in virtual lights to go with one sculptor’s video. In a couple of others, I experimented with After Effects’ ‘auto orient’ function.

I am enjoying the work and I’m taking a lot of pride in it. I find it satisfying to pay homage to great artists and builders back home by doing what I do. Makes me feel like I’m not so far away.

My plan today is to complete six vignettes, and then dive into a screenplay I’m planning to provide notes for, in time for the writer’s circle tomorrow night. So many people have been generous with their time, and I wish to pay the favour. It’s always enjoyable to dive so deeply into someone else’s work. It’s a welcome distraction, and I become a better writer for it.

There’s coffee on the counter waiting to be consumed. I got so occupied with the internet this morning, that I couldn’t make my way to the kitchen to fill a cup. Costa Concordia. Fascinating story. Now I know what parbuckling means.

It’s something I should try with butt, to move it from the couch.

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