The Rusnak Household

Things haven’t quite settled into a routine at home with Jazzy and I. End of summer. Lots of people coming and going and things to see and do.

Aubree stayed over a couple of days so I could do her headshots. She cooked a few meals for us in exchange. I called her Jazzy’s faux-mom – her being an actor and all.

I’d come home from a meeting and she’d put a plate of food in front of me and start improving, “Hi Honey, how was work?”

And I’d be like, “Rough day today. Gus was being a jerk again.”

“Awe that’s too bad. You should talk to your supervisor.”

“Well, that would be Gus.”

It felt like a 60’s sitcom at times. Jazz and Aubree really got along. I think it’s good for her to connect with some of my female friends. There otherwise aren’t a lot of female role models around the Rusnak household.

The Rusnak household. Typing that just now kind of sent a goose bump up my spine. Jazzy was 6 years old, the last time I lived with her – the last time I lived inside a ‘Rusnak Household’.

It’s really real now isn’t it? I have a daughter to raise and provide for.

She’s obviously a very different person from who she was 8 years ago. I get to deal with her sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll phase – mostly by myself.

I’m up for it and I’m excited to be that person in her life.

We had a campfire in the backyard on Tuesday. All our stuff showed up from Regina and it came on wooden pallets. The city doesn’t accept wooden pallets on garbage collection day, so I figured they’d make for a nice firewood pile.

Kirk lent me a skill saw, and I sliced up one. A handful of people showed up to partake. Eric, my landlord, Cam from next door, Kathy from the main floor, Clive brought a friend, and Renee all came. We sat around the fire, cooked wieners, drank beer, and talked to the wee hours of the morning.

Jazz fit right in. She impresses people with the way she handles herself. I’m thinking her high school years might be somewhat easy to navigate, so long as I surround her with good role models.

I am excited for the years ahead.

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