Day 2 With A Song


Day 2 of life with Jazzy continued along a serendipitous vibe. It has been remarkable in that it has been so typical of my life here in TO. We didn’t set out to do anything special, we just showed up to make the most of it.

Day 1 concluded with an invitation from John, Fiona, and Kathy to their games night downstairs in their apartment. Jazzy fit right in with the group. She didn’t feel like a kid playing with grown-ups. She just felt like Jazzy being Jazzy. We played cards, and wrapped things up with a game of Catan.

We woke up yesterday morning to a pot of coffee and no food in the fridge. She showered and I surfed the web. When she got out, I gave her money and sent her to the grocery store (one block away). Told her simply to bring back whatever she figures we need.

Later, I got Jazzy started on some photoshop work that needed doing for a client video. Printed out a timesheet for her to keep track of her hours, trained her for half an hour, then left her alone. I figure this is a great way for her to make some money, while at the same time, keeping it all in the family.

Aubree texted me an hour later. She had an audition for the lead role in The Evil Dead lined up, and need a place to stay. When she arrived, she needed a keyboard (of the musical variety) to rehearse with, so we knocked on John’s door and he lent us his. Within minutes, Aubree was serenading us with musical numbers.

I still needed to get some work done, so I packed up my computer and found an Irish pub three blocks from home. Jazz stayed behind to hang out with Aubree.

When I returned three hours later, we invited John, Fiona, and Kathy up. We wound up reading Room 31 together, then watched an episode of the original Battlestar Galactica, cheese and all.


This morning featured more serenading from Aubree as she prepared for her audition today. Jazzy has really taken a liking to her. The two have been inseparable.

Jazz will be coming with me to the Argos’ game today. I’m going to be doing some kind of story on the team. I’m excited to have her there with me. Couldn’t think of a better way to cap Day 3.

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