Blue Moon



Once in a Blue Moon, a little girl named Jazzy comes to live with her father in Toronto, to spend the next four years of her life, learning how to be a grown-up. She might be sorely disappointed with the maturity content of her new home.

They’re calling the full moon hanging over Toronto last night, a Blue Moon. It’s not actually blue technically speaking, but rather, it’s the third full moon in a season that’s expected to have four of ’em. Jazzy isn’t technically a little girl anymore either, but I still see her that way. At 14, she’s showing a wisdom beyond her years. There’s got to be some kind of a metaphor, voodoo, juju symbolism over this happenstance. I’m choosing to allow time to dictate the meaning of it all.

The car ride over from Saskatchewan was a gooder, as far as long road trips go. Aubree just finished a contract in Saskatchewan, and the timing for her return to Ontario was perfect. We spent the night in Ironwood, Michigan. Had a picnic in Mackinac City. After dropping Aubree off along the way, we arrived at our home in Toronto at 1am.


Jazzy and I spent the morning unpacking. She began putting her room together, and started a list of things we need for the apartment. It ranged from air fresheners for the bathroom, to a mattress for her bedroom.

She met Kirk this morning and sat down with John & Fionna this afternoon, just before we took off for a walk through the ravine to Queen Street East. We’re now sitting in a restaurant. My nose is buried in my laptop, and Jazzy has hers in my phone (she forgot hers at home).

Home. I’m still getting used to the idea that she’s not just visiting. My beautiful little girl is living with me now.

John, Fionna & Kathy have organized a games night tonight. It’ll be just about the most perfect way I can think of to mark our first full day of Toronto residency together.

1 thought on “Blue Moon

  1. I am so happy that you are both living together rather than Jazz being on vacation. Love, Luck Happiness in your life together

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