Notes, Logistics and Other Heartfelt Matters

I was disappointed to learn that there’s a two script cut-off at the LIFT Writers’ Circle. Not only was I looking forward to some quality notes, but now I would have to wait a month for those notes.

And then a light bulb.

One door closes and another one opens. Turns out I have all these friends on Facebook who are writers. There’s also a group on Facebook called InkCanada. I put out a call for help there too.

I have now sent my script out to a dozen or so writer creatures for notes. Alls I gots to do now is sit back and wait for ’em to come in. The trade-off however is that I am obligated to return the favour, a dozen or more times over.

Today is pegged to be a pretty big day. Mom’s birthday was yesterday, and Grama’s birthday is tomorrow. There’s a party afoot.

Also, there’s a Roughrider game in the works. I put the call out to the Romanian Syndicate and they came up with a ticket to the game for me. Just like the old days, there’ll be some tailgating at Benji’s, a two block walk to Mosaic Stadium, and three hours of carnival bedlam in the stands. In the meantime, a football game will be played. Brought my green jersey out from Toronto just for the occasion.

I haven’t written much about how I’ve been spending my time in Regina these past few days. I have managed to connect with dear friends, though not as many as I would have thought. Instead, I found myself spending more time just hanging out at Mom’s. Not much of a desire to spend hours in the window of Atlantis with my nose in my laptop. Haven’t even seen the inside of O’Hanlon’s this trip.

Spent part of the afternoon yesterday, assembling my possessions together in the garage. Did the same with Jazzy’s stuff. We’re shipping most of it to Toronto. What doesn’t fit, can stay behind until our next visit. Logistics. Last minute details.

We leave Monday morning. The time has gone way too quickly.

Jazzy and I will be starting a new life together in Toronto.

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