Writing Solo

Today has a simplicity about it. I’m camping solo out here in Cravenworld where Mom & Dave have two trailers. I’m using one of ’em to get away from the world to focus on a script I need to hand in by 3pm tomorrow. Nothing to do but write out here in nature.

The script is my pilot for Room 31, which I am adapting from my novel, which I previously adapted from a sitcom I wrote called Redshirts. While I still intend to finish the project in novel form, it’s always been my objective to have it realized on television. There’s enough of the story complete in novel form, to adapt into a one-hour pilot.

I’ve been working at reformatting the story into teleplay format for a few weeks now. The process is about 90% technical, and 10% creative thus far. Should be done within the next few hours. After that, I’m going into rewrites. Even in novel form, there have always been a few scenes that bugged me. I’m anxious to push ’em up against some ideas I have brewing.

Basically, I’m going to be combining a number of scenes together, then stacking ’em on top of each other. If all goes well, I will have heightened the action and stakes in my opening scenes, allowing for me to arrive at the inciting incident about 10 pages sooner – approximately right where it needs to be in screen time.

Finishing the first draft in time for LIFT’s Writers’ Circle next week will be essential for me to have it at a 2nd or 3rd draft stage by the end of August. This script, combined with my spec for Boardwalk Empire, and my pilot for Highwaymen, will give me three one-hour comedy dramas in my quiver. It might even be enough for me to go shopping for an agent.

First things first however. I gots me some writing to do.


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