Catching Up


I was waiting for a photograph to arrive before mentioning the party I hosted three Friday’s ago. Sharon threw a 50th birthday party for Jerry and I had the space she needed. There were 30 people in my apartment – and no one felt cramped. I invited Kathy, John & Fiona from downstairs. Didn’t feel a need to invite anyone else because Sharon and I have a lot of friends in common who would already be there.

The food station was in my bedroom, which doubled as the entrance to my balcony. We played poker on the floor in the loft, which felt a little bit like we were hanging out in a tree fort. People dispersed throughout the space. All had really great things to say. I was very proud of how well my place held up to the challenge of holding so many people comfortably.

Once Jazzy is living here, I plan to host a house warming party. Let’s call Sharon’s party a trial run.


I started that article over a week ago, and haven’t picked my laptop up since. Too busy. All that work I’ve been doing, reaching out to potential clients is beginning to materialize in the form of paid gigs. Spent the last 26 hours photographing a product launch in Toronto by an Arizona company. It came as a referral through another potential client I met with earlier in July.

Today will see me cooped up in the edit suite editing a project for Images. It needs to be out the door tonight so I can hit the road tomorrow, Regina bound. I already decided that I’ll be taking Phillie (my Mac Pro) with me so I can keep working on other projects from Regina. The best thing about this recent string of gigs, is that they come from four different clients.


Regina has been on my mind quite a bit lately. I was supposed to hit the road last Thursday, but then all these gigs exploded onto my lap within three days of each other. Turning down work, esspecially with new clients, is not a good way to operate.


I wrote those previous two paragraphs a couple days after the previous paragraph. I’m going to just hit publish and start with a clean slate.

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