The Space Between My Periods

The double space after the period is a habit I’ve been trying to break. Been using it since high school and making the transition has left me feeling somewhat unsatisfied.

I like the double space. It looks like a complete separation of two thoughts, rather than appearing to be a continuation of the same thought, as a comma does. I simply don’t like the aesthetics of the single space, but those aesthetics contradict modern rules of typography.

My writing has become a mash of the two forms, as I make revisions to old drafts of current work. Some sections of this work does not need revisions, and I sure as hell ain’t gonna open ’em up just to fix a double space. Other sections that do need revisions, do get the single space between sentences.

Looking back years from now, I’m sure it will feel a bit like an archeological dig. “Behold the clear separation between Jarrett’s double space, and single space period – distinctively placed upon Room 31, right between Not Being A Dick and his spec for Boardwalk Empire.”

I’ve gone back to using the double space for emails, because people read emails differently from other types of literature. Email must be short and succinct. It’s very appearance is the difference between being read, and being ignored. Friendly and informal is best. Too slick and it looks like spam. Too sloppy and it looks like an English translation of spam from some African prince. The double space communicates a clear division of thought. No need for more wordage. The whole thought can be communicated in three sentences, separated by the double space.

This article was supposed to be about my colourful weekend, but this double space thing came up instead. In keeping with the today’s theme,  I have decided to separate the two ideas with some space – about a day’s worth should do. See you tomorrow.

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