Four Scripts in my Quiver Come November

Yesterday was a rather uplifting day on the writing front.

To date, I’ve sent Not Being A Dick to dozens of theatre companies across the English speaking world. An American publisher contacted me, asking to read the full script. Response overall to the play continues to be positive. I am hopeful that it will be in production somewhere soon.

I also attended a scriptwriters’ reading circle last night where a number of writers took the opportunity to review my spec for Boardwalk Empire. Anthony said it was the third spec for Boardwalk that he’s read, and mine was the best by far. Others in the room seemed to agree that it was really good, and just needed a few tweaks.

Not bad for something I wrote in eight days.

Vincent, who graduated from the CFC’s Prime Time Television Program last year, was surprised that the script didn’t get me an interview with the Centre – he thought it was that good. We speculated that perhaps the jury wasn’t familiar with the series. In fact, not many people I’ve talked to are familiar with the series.

I was advised to apply again next year. The CFC loves persistence. It takes most students three attempts before they get in. I was also advised to write a spec for a procedural series like Castle – a highly rated, prime time network television series.

By the end of the evening, not only was I feeling pretty good about myself, but I had some goals set. Within the next few months, I want to have a spec written for Castle, and a pilot written for Room 31. This will give me two one-hour pilots, and two one-hour specs in my quiver. Four one-hour scripts will be sufficient for an agent to evaluate my abilities. Landing an agent is key to my future as a writer in the television industry.

So how about some timelines? I can have Room 31 ready in time for September’s scriptwriters’ circle. I can have Castle ready for November.

Four scripts in my quiver come November. Kind of rolls off the tongue, don’t it?

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